Here at Inverness Coffee Roasting Co we are passionate about the craft of roasting coffee beans by tasting and nurturing flavours that can be captured for our quality coffees.  We also research coffee regions and choose ethically sourced green beans.  This is because sustainable coffee farms and their communities, along with quality and conservation, are of real interest to us  – we aim to offer you all round excellence throughout the journey, from the high lands where the coffee beans grow, to the Highlands of Scotland where they are being roasted and delivered to you fresh and rich in flavour.

Most coffee is grown at high altitude and our signature roast is the Highland Roast, so named because it is grown in High Lands and then roasted in the Highlands.

Coffee of the Month

There are many delicious premium coffees and so “Coffee of the Month” means you not only get to know about them you also get the opportunity to taste them.  If you like you can sign up to Coffee Club and have 3 or 6 months of mystery coffee delivered to your door.



Serrano Lavado, Cumanayagua

Process  – Washed


Cup Profile

Dark chocolatey bitter/sweetness with a smooth finish.  Rich and full of flavour, perfectly satisfying and a’mmm’azingly tasty.


Cuba consists of plains interrupted by three mountain ranges and has a tropical climate modified by trade winds these climatic conditions and the soil composition is ideal for coffee plantation.

Strength: 4


Shop Hours:

Mon – Sat 10:00am – 5:30pm. Sun: closed all day


Sourcing Policy: This shop buys raw beans from the direct importers who,  buy from source growers who respect the rights of their workers and who co-operate with agencies working to preserve the natural environment  such as the Rainforest Association.