Coffee of the Month – 250g


Every month we hand select a new “Coffee of the Month” so that you get to experience different delicious premium coffees in the comfort of your own home. This month’s coffee is…

Costa Rica Hermosa Fully Washed – Dota Tarrazu

Coop Dota was first established circa 1929 when Ramon Blanco built a wet mill in San Pablo de Leon Cortes. Local producers began delivering their coffee there to be processed and a further wet mill was built in Santa Maria. Due to uncertainty in pricing, producers turned to the Banco Nacional (National Bank), which had a department to accomodate farmers and advise on how to process and market their coffee best – thus Coopedota R.L. was born. Today it represents over 750 memebers, each with 8-10 hectares of coffee growing land at an altitude of between 1550 to 1750 m.

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Cupping Notes

Medium/High acidity, rounded body, intense nutty flavour with relish after taste

Monkey’s Notes

The Coffee Baron’s wife loved this cause it smelled and tasted chocolatey and nutty (just like her 😝). Lovely Flo thinks its best served filtered or in the cafetiere.


Not all coffee tastes the same and coffee varies in strength. To determine the strength of a coffee, a number of things are important, including the origin of the coffee.

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Weight 250 g

Whole Beans, Cafetiere, Filter, Espresso


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