Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural


This “natural” (unwashed) Ethiopian coffee is the one we stock regularly. It is grown between 1400 and 2000 metres above sea level.

The “natural” or “dry process,”  is the oldest means of processing coffee after harvest. In this processing method, the intact coffee cherries (i.e., the fruit from which the seeds are taken) are dried by the sun for around two weeks, typically on patios or raised beds. Under the sun the cherries lose their bright colour and shrivel up.  It’s only after the cherry has been sufficiently dried that the seed is removed. With the cherry and mucilage still intact, this process imparts unique qualities onto the seed.

Team Bean have roasted this bean to a medium level and during tasting sessions found it to be much fruitier than the “washed” version with lovely strawberry tones. Very clean, refreshing, unique taste.

See below for cupping notes, monkeys notes and strength info.


Cupping Notes

This medium roast has an unbelievably juicy aroma. Full flavours of strawberry, blueberry and milky way. Mouth-watering to say the least!

Monkey’s Notes

Monkey loves the round body and brews this bean as a filter coffee using his V60.


Medium roast

Additional information

Weight 250 g

Whole Bean, Chemex, Cafetiere, Filter, Aeropress, Italian Mokapot, Espresso


250g, 500g, 1kg