Experience Fresh Coffee

Welcome to Inverness Coffee Roasting Co.

Thank you for visiting us. All things coffee are a passion for us here at Inverness Coffee Roasting. From researching the countries and the coffee varieties, roasting the beans, choosing which of the many coffee ‘tools’ to offer to our customers, chatting in the shop and of course drinking freshly roasted coffee.

We love what we do and guarantee you a service that reflects our coffee passion.


We buy speciality raw beans from the direct importers who, buy from farmers or co-operatives. We work closely with the importers and we have attended cuppings and met the farmers who grow your beans. This way we respect the rights of the farmers and their workers and ensure they are striving to preserve the natural environment.


The city centre shop is where you can sit and relax whilst you taste our coffees.

Whether you’re espresso dependant, an aspiring AeroPress world champ or a third wave pour over hipster you can have a taste before you buy.

Freshly Roasted!

We roast your beans at “The Highland Roastery” at the farm just outside Inverness 5 days a week, so your beans are fresh and less than a week old when you purchase them from the shop or online.


We have a super passionate and friendly team who eat, sleep and breathe coffee. We hope you love our coffees as much as we do!

Buy Online

Choose your coffee from those currently seasonally available and we will dispatch same day first class post. Remember we can grind the beans to your preferred brewing method.


Coffee Club

Where coffee lovers can experience the different coffee from a different region once a month. We deliver either whole beans or ground coffee first class, straight to your door each month.


Coffee of the Month

After research and roasting and of course cupping, our current favourite becomes Monkey’s Coffee of the Month! You’ll usually hear us say it’s our favourite ever… which it is… honest!