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Late Summer Coffeetime Reads

We hope you have enjoyed our wee foray into books to read with your coffee. This is the last for the moment, but it’s a bumper edition, so we hope...

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Caffeination coping mechanism part II

Obviously our first and ongoing suggestion for Lockdown Survival is Coffee! But it’s “Coffee Plus…” and today it’s Coffee Plus… EXERCISE! If you’re like us it’s tricky getting motivated but...

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Grind: Fake News Alert

“If your coffee beans have been ground for filter it’s ok to use them in the cafetiere” – NO IT IS NOT!In fact if you’re wondering why your lovely coffee...

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Yemen Mocha Matari

Yemen coffee and its history are much like Yemen itself: mysterious, intriguing and complex.   The uniqueness of Yemen coffee can be attributed to the uniqueness of Yemen itself. It...

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Vietnamese Coffee Gifts

Are you looking for a coffee-themed gift with a difference? It can be difficult to think up new gift ideas for our peeps, especially if we don’t know whether we’re...

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This is how we do it

Green bean to roast coffee…this is how we do it at Inverness Coffee Roasting You can see the green India Monsooned Malabar beans going through the rooasting process and coming...

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The Great Unwashed

Lots of questions since oor Kat’s video went out yesterday about the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe “washed” and “unwashed” or “natural” processed coffee beans. Here’s a wee aide memiore:   Natural Washed...

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Once Upon a Time in Guatemala

Once Upon a Time in Guatemala there were two little boys. You know we love a good story here at Inverness Coffee Roasting and when Javier Gutierrez travelled to Inverness...

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Coming Soon…..Our Chris has been working away in between roasts on a new mystery blend….its African but it’s also South Americanit’s fruity but it’s boldit’s dark but it’s lightit’s mellow...

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