A day in the life of sabines beans
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A day in the life of sabines beans

It takes a bit of collaboration to get the coffee beans from the roastery in Inverness out to our lovely customers.

On 26 August 2020 we thought we’d follow the life of Sabine’s Beans from the roastery in Inverness to Hebridean Tea Store in Stornoway.

“A Day in the Life of Sabines Coffee Beans: Part I” The Scene was set with a bit of preparation from oor Kat.

“Part II” starred the Coffee Baron and his roasting skills:

Part III: Wood’s Express Parcels made a cameo appearance, joined the fun and took delivery of The Package (in a very safe, socially distanced way of course)

And then “A Day in the Life of Sabine’s Beans: Part IV Delivery”.

The Season Finale on 27th August (the directors cut was called Deliverance!) the sacred beans were delivered safe to Babs at the Hebridean Tea Store in Stornoway where they took pride of place on the shelves (that was A Day in the Life of Sabine’s Coffee Beans Part V The Finale)

NOT THE END….. there’s still the part where you get in on the action and enjoy the amazing coffee for yourselves – the starring role!

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