Coffee Time Reads for July
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Coffee Time Reads for July

This is the second chapter of our coffee reading adventure where our lovely friends at the Tandem Collective have gathered some wee reading gems we can enjoy with our coffee over the next few months.


The Waiter, by Ajay Chowdhury

Ex-detective Kamil Rahman moves from Kolkata to London to start afresh as a waiter in an Indian restaurant. But the day he caters an extravagant party for his boss’s rich and powerful friend, the peace of his simple new life is shattered. The event is a success, the food is delicious, but later that evening the host, Rakesh, is found dead in his swimming pool. Suspicion falls on Rakesh’s young and glamorous new wife, Neha, and Kamil is called to investigate for the family, with the help of his boss’s daughter Anjoli. Kamil and Anjoli prove a winning team – but as the investigation progresses, and their relationship grows, Kamil struggles to keep memories of the case that destroyed his career in Kolkata at bay. Little does he know that his past will soon catch up with him in some very unexpected ways.

I want to read this book!

The perfect Coffee Companion for “The Waiter” would be our Coffee of the Month Tapir Andino Red Honey from Peru (;((

The Courage to Care, by Christie Watson

Nurses have never been more important. We benefit from their expertise in our hospitals and beyond: in our schools, on our streets, in prisons, hospices and care homes. When we feel most alone, nurses remind us that we are not alone at all. In The Courage to Care bestselling author Christie Watson reveals the remarkable extent of nurses’ work. Christie makes a further discovery: that, time and again, it is patients and their families – including her own – who show exceptional strength in the most challenging times. We are all deserving of compassion, and as we share in each other’s suffering, Christie Watson shows us how we can find courage too. The courage to care.

I want to read this book!

The perfect coffee companion for “The Courage to Care” would be the Peru Decaf


Devorgilla Days, by Kathleen Hart

This one has changed our Flo’s life! I’ll post her review soon. Heartwarming and deeply moving, Devorgilla Days is an inspiring tale of one woman’s remarkable journey, a celebration of community, and a call-to-arms for anyone who has ever dreamt of starting over. Eight years ago, Kathleen Hart was diagnosed with breast cancer. Further complications led to a protracted recovery and months spent in hospital, where Kathleen had to learn how to walk again. While recuperating, she came across a small whitewashed cottage for sale in Wigtown, Scotland. Driving hundreds of miles on nothing more than a few photographs and an inkling, she bought it that very same day, and named it Devorgilla after the formidable 13th century Scottish princess. Devorgilla Days is the story of how Kathleen left behind her old life to begin again in Scotland’s book capital. And, with the support of her virtual worldwide community who know her as PoshPedlar on Instagram, she rebuilds her life again.

I want to read this book

The perfect coffee companion for “Devorgilla Days” has to be India Malabar


Festivals, by Oliver Keens

Festivals is a must-have guide to the world’s best and most memorable music festivals – a list of all those you need to know and those you should experience. Discover the compelling stories behind the most significant and exciting events around the world which shape music and festival culture. This inspirational global guide showcases 50 bucket list festivals with photographs, posters, facts and figures, and draws attention to hundreds more to explore. Highlighting festival giants and jazz classics, pop powerhouses and indie favourites to dance scene darlings and punk rock adventures, we travel from Woodstock, Glastonbury, Coachella and Roskilde to Fuji Rock, Tomorrowland, Burning Man and Afro Punk. Here, the unique experience of a music festival is evocatively captured and an overview of the rise of the wonderful world of festival culture as we know it today revealed.

I want to read this book!

The perfect coffee companion for “Festivals”: we’d go for the Chef’s Roast (it kee[[ps chefs alert for their 12-hour-plus-shifts, so we think it’d be a must have for festivals!)


Black Buck, by Mateo Askaripour

An irresistible slice of satire, Askaripour’s blazing debut takes a scalpel to America’s sales force and office culture through its incisive, firecracker of a story about race, capitalism and ambition. Meet Buck. But before Buck was the Muhammad Ali of sales, floating like a butterfly and selling like a demon, he was Darren: an unambitious twenty-two-year-old living with his mother and working at Starbucks. All that changes when a chance encounter with Rhett Daniels, the silver-tongued CEO of NYC’s hottest tech startup, results in Darren joining Rhett’s elite sales team. On his first day Darren realizes he is the only Black person in the company, and when things start to get strange, he reimagines himself as ‘Buck’, a ruthless salesman, unrecognizable to his friends and family. Money, partying, and fame soon follow Buck, and wherever he goes more is never enough. But when tragedy strikes at home, Buck begins to hatch a plan to help young people of colour infiltrate America’s sales force, setting off a chain of events that forever changes the game.

I want to read this book!

The perfect coffee companion for “Black Buck”: we’d go for the Sumatra ((- a wee firecracker of a coffee to go with a firecracker of a story)!


Hope you found some interesting ideas for your July reading. We’ll have more for you soon


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