Caffeination coping mechanism part II
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Caffeination coping mechanism part II

Obviously our first and ongoing suggestion for Lockdown Survival is Coffee! But it’s “Coffee Plus…” and today it’s Coffee Plus… EXERCISE!

If you’re like us it’s tricky getting motivated but the following folks helped the Coffee Baron’s wife through the last lockdown, and are doing so again (which is in everyone’s best interests!) Partly because they are excellent at what they do, motivational, and/or fun, but also because their sites are easily accessible on You Tube.

They’ll not all be everybody’s cup of coffee, but have fun trying them out! You wont regret it (unless you don’t stretch out afterwards, in which case you probably will regret it)

CDorner Fitness

Michelle Briehler

Caroline Girvan

And the guys at our very own Highlife Highland are working their buts off (literally!?!?) to bring us online classes and videos. Big shout out to them!

But remember we’re all at different levels of fitness so make sure you check out any concerns with your doc before going for it!


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