It's not all about us
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It's not all about us

….it may surprise you to hear this (the Coffee Baron is not actually convinced)

But we just wanted to flag up some stuff we’ve enjoyed, liked, loved, and/or seen over the last wee while which, although not exactly our core beany business, is bean-related in some way, and which we thought you might appreciate.

Coffee Bean Culture Jewellery

Liam is based in Scotland and makes amazing silver, red bronze and copper coffee bean jewellery – from coffee beans from three different varieties of coffee, one of which he roasted himself!

The Casa Verde Company

…are exploring the world “through art, coffee and travel”. This is a new blog set up in December 20, but already has a few good coffee recipes and ideas. Their simple coffee scrub recipe is very do-able

Pay it Forward

Team Bean like to invest back in the communities our coffee comes from. We’ve had some amazing coffees from Guatemala and Uganda and have enjoyed being involved with Adopt-A-Child and Toilet

Adopt A Child

Adopt a Child have an office in Culloden and work with communities in Albania and Guatemala making a practical investment in children’s and community’s lives in terms of food, clothing, medical & dental care. You can also Adopt A Granny! Or give one off donations to help with Home Repairs in Guatemala.

As well as being highly practical this made us smile. You can have your loo twinned with that of a family in a country of your choice. Here’s a picture of ours


Highland Business Partnership

This is a Facebook group run by Scottish Businesses for Scottish Businesses. Although it’s a “private” group, if you have a business in the Highlands of Scotland and would like to interract with over 1000 other Highland businesses, creating a voice particularly for the Food, Drink and Hospitality sectors get in touch and we’ll send you an invite to join.

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