Once Upon a Time in Guatemala
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Once Upon a Time in Guatemala

Once Upon a Time in Guatemala there were two little boys.

You know we love a good story here at Inverness Coffee Roasting and when Javier Gutierrez travelled to Inverness to let us taste his Guatemalan coffee we were delighted but when he said it was grown by his old schoolfriend Rafael and his family, even better!!

In 2012, the Ventura family acquired Finca El Durazno in the highlands of San Pedro Pinula, Jalapa inside Nuevo Oriente, the coffee specialty region set by ANACAFE (the Guatemala Coffee Association).

The Ventura’s have been cultivating specialty coffee for more than 100 years, in the Region of Fraijanes and the family has committed itself to reforest the mountains by planting shade-grown coffee and forests of trees endemic to the region while providing jobs to the nearby communities.


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