The Great Unwashed
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The Great Unwashed

Lots of questions since oor Kat’s video went out yesterday about the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe “washed” and “unwashed” or “natural” processed coffee beans.

Here’s a wee aide memiore:


·        The one Inverness Coffee have always had·        The new one
·        Fruity·        Sweet lemon
·        Citrussy·        Not too fruity or sharp
·        Process:
  •  coffee cherries kept intact
  • Dried in the sun for about 2 weeks
  • Seed removed after drying
  • Cherry and mucilage remain intact
·        Process
  • The cherry and mucilage surrounding the seed are removed
  • Seeds are submerged in water
  • Fermentation removes remaining flesh
  • A further soak brings out the qualities in flavour and appearance
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