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Origin - The Sequel

As well as referring to that mystical experience for the coffee fan of “going to origin” we also like to know the “origin” of our coffees – where do they...

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In the Bag

Inverness Coffee Roasting are delighted to be partnering with Highland Wholefoods Workers Co-operative to offer locally roasted organic coffee beans (whole or ground) in biodegradable, compostable bags.You can find Highland...

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Going “to origin” is an almost spiritual experience for coffee officianados worldwide, and although it sounds like something from Star Trek it just means going to see where your coffee...

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The Legend that is Coffee

Ever wondered who first thought of adding coffee beans to water and drinking it? Or why? The famous legend of coffee goes back to the 3rd century when an Ethiopian...

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A day in the life of sabines beans

It takes a bit of collaboration to get the coffee beans from the roastery in Inverness out to our lovely customers.On 26 August 2020 we thought we’d follow the life...

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